ILTES- Writing and Speaking Tips to Score Better

Life is what you make it and everything that comes your way is an opportunity that comes with all the goodness in life. Are you looking forward to an outshining future as you’re sure that your education abroad will make way for new horizons in life? For beginners, who are planning for higher studies abroad should ensure that that their proficiency in writing and reading English is excellent to perfectly match with the standards of English speaking countries. IELTS is one of the prestigious language tests for all the non-native speakers across the world. It is designed keeping the essentials of speaking, writing, speaking, Listening and compulsive reading skills in mind. It is certainly the best way out to prove your proficiency in his/her level of English.

Importantly, it is one tool that perfects your communication skills and thus helps in easy immigration process to an English speaking country. The test is commonly separated into two types IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. This is how one can correspondently prepare for a better university programme or maybe professional English-speaking organization or maybe working or immigrating to any such country for the latter. The entire writing section actually consists of two tasks and each important task comprises of 20 and 40 minutes allotted to each, which amounts to the total of 60 minutes. Read More…


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