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The graduate management  admission  test, abbreviated to GMAT, is a computer adaptive standardized test which is conducted for measuring the aptitude of students for getting admission in business studies. If you  also want to pursue education in business studies, then join GMAT training course to do well on the GMAT.


Mnemonic Education is  one of the best place to get excellent training for the GMAT test. We are one of the most recognized education consulting firm in New Delhi and specialize in offering GRE,  TOEFL, SAT, PTE, IELTS and GMAT online courses.

We pride in ourselves for helping thousands of students in achieving their dreams.  Our courses are specifically designed and cover all the aspects that will help students in qualifying any competitive exam in the first attempt. We not only offer tutoring about the subjects, but also guide students about how to manage time for better preparation. We also provide information about several techniques and tools that help students to get selected in the interview as well.

Our tutors are highly experienced and specialized in the are they excel at. This will enable us to guarantee to provide excellent coaching to every student. To help students  in attaining their dream goal is our main goal.

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Achieve your dream of studying abroad with professional education consultants

India has been making a high growth in the education sector since independence. It is recognized  all across the world for giving the best possible talent in the field of technology, chemistry, engineering, medicines, astronomy,  economics and various other fields.  In the past few years, it has also turned into a country that is sending numerous students to study in foreign countries every year. There are several reasons of growing demand of study overseas among students.

Some of the main reasons are:

  1. To get brighter career prospects.
  2. To learn about new languages, adopt a new lifestyle and enhancing their problem solving skill.
  3. Make a global network of social contacts.
  4.  To be an all rounder.
  5.  To become self-independent and improve their interpersonal skills
  6. And much more…

There are many foreign universities available today that offers a variety of degree, diploma and certificate courses  in the field of engineering, marketing, business, law, science, art, hospitality, designing and  information technology. Getting degree from reputable institutions and universities can ensure that the candidate’s CV (curriculum vitae) gets noticed in the corporate world. So, selection of the right university and course is very important to make a brightening career. Read More…

Mnemonic Education: one of the best Overseas Education Consultants in Delhi

When it comes to getting excellent, reliable and professional guidance about study overseas programs in Delhi, look no further than Mnemonic Education. We are one of the most recognized Overseas Education Consultants in Delhi and specialize in helping students in selecting the right universities and courses.

Whether you need guidance about study abroad programs in USA, UK, New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Singapore or wherever you want to go, we are well positioned to provide comprehensive information and excellent guidance.


We are a completely independent firm and work only for “You”- your dream, career, future and your place in the world. Our team of counselors is highly experienced and has extensive information and knowledge in the area they excel at. This will enable us to guarantee that you will get guidance by only expert professionals.

Being the leading education consulting firm, we offer consulting services in almost all types of educational area, including architecture, engineering, business, fine arts, health, performing arts, law, medical, science, social science, mass communication and journalism. Moreover, we also provide coaching for GRE, SAT, GMAT, PTE, IELTS AND TOEFL exams.

We also help students in visa preparation. From filling application to documentation, we handle everything to help students in getting visa easily and quickly. To help students in getting a quality education and achieving there is our main goal.

Approach professional education consultant to choose the right study abroad program

The term “study abroad” refers to options available in international education to students who want to pursue education in colleges and universities located in other parts of the world.  Study abroad programs have the primary advantage of enabling students to develop an international attitude, great thinking ability and global perspective. Besides this, these courses also provide an excellent opportunity to come into close contact with a completely different culture, learn foreign language, adopt different lifestyle, and develop self confidence and being independent in life.

A number of Indian students these days prefer to join study abroad programs in order to get a lucrative job opportunity in their specific field. With so many courses introduced in various streams, the need of taking guidance of education consultants has drastically increased in the recent years. The education consultants provide information about the country where the students want to pursue their studies, universities and courses they want to join.

The consulting firms have also a team of expert counselors to guide students unable to decide which university and particular courses they should opt.  The professional consultant gives proper time to every student to understand their abilities and dream, and come with options that helps in building excellent career path.  They provide comprehensive information about the location, university, course detail and fees so that you can choose the best academic program. Read More…

Reasons to go with professional study abroad consultant

In a survey, it has been revealed that India has turned into a country which is sending a large number of students to a pursue study in abroad every year.  The reason for raising the craze of study abroad programs among students is numerous. Some of the important reasons are given below:-

  1.  To become independent by developing problem solving skills.
  2.  To enhance their communication and thinking skill.
  3.  To get in touch with a completely different culture, lifestyle and values.
  4. To get a global perspective and widen their horizons.
  5. To explore new concept and learn most updated technology.
  6. And Read more….