Best destinations for overseas education

When it comes to study abroad, choosing a right destination is very important to ensure that your future is secure. There are several options available for overseas studies. However, all countries have not a good and quality education system, which is very important to get success and  excellent opportunities in life.

Choosing a destination for overseas education is not an easy task. There are  several factors that one nee to take into account to make a sound  decision. Some of the major factors among all are  accomodation, tuition fees, work opportunities, economic condition and programs offered for higher studies.

Here is the list of countries which are recognized for offering the best study abroad programs. Read More…

Why to join a GMAT training institute?

Having a good score in GMAT test is crucial, especially for the applicants who want to grab business education in a foreign university/ college.  Most of the colleges and universities fix GMAT  test  as a standard to evaluate whether the applicant is eligible for pursuing advanced business studies or not.


GMAT, abbreviated to graduate management admission test is a computer adaptive standardized test  in English and mathematics. It is conducted to evaluate the aptitude of the applicant  whether he will succeed academically in   business studies or not.

GMAT consists of three major sections, including  maths, verbal and analytical reasoning.  In every section, the applicant has to secure the minimum cutoff marks to  qualify the test.  Joining GMAT Training Institute delhi is  a smart move to perform  better on the GMAT test. These centers provide you an opportunity to make preparation under the guidance of expert tutors.

Another important reason for joining  the coaching center is the fact that the experts will guide  you how  to make preparation for the test effectively  and strategically.  In the coaching center, courses are designed to keep the GMAT test requirements in mind. Besides this, the tutors also provide tips about how to perform better on the test.

So, join a renowned coaching center to secure a good score in the GMAT test.

What you can expect from overseas education consulting services?

Education is the one thing that can provide benefits in any phase and any point of your life. The value of good and quality education is too precious and you will never regret on spending money as well as time for education. Most of the people these days provide great emphasis on good and quality education to make a successful career and brightening future.   If you got an excellent education and have talent, then you can get success in any corner of the world.

A lot of students prefer to go overseas these days as most of the countries have not good educational facilities and institutions for higher studies. The lack of quality education and good career opportunity forces several students to go for overseas education. There are several educational institutions overseas that offer quality education and various courses in different streams. Read More…

How to prepare for the SAT test?

Nowadays, getting admission in a good and reputable college for higher studies is not as easy as earlier. Universities and colleges look several criteria  to determine whether the student is capable to pursue the specific course or not. Some of the common criteria include high school grades, SAT score or ACT score and the number of extracurricular activities while  in high schools. Having a good  score is very important, especially for those students who want to pursue higher studies in foreign colleges and universities. One needs to make proper planning and make preparation of the  test to perform better on the test.

Read on to learn about  few techniques through which you can enhance your performance in the test.

Solve practice paper

Solving  previous year question papers help students  to get an idea about the types  of question  asked in the test.  This helps students in making plans for preparation and score good in the test.  The more question papers you solve, the more you prepare for the exam. Read More…

PTE Coaching at Mnemonic Education

About Mnemonic Education

We are the leading name in PTE coachings. We were established with the aim of revolutionizing the overseas education, by providing counselling services to the students who want to study abroad. Young, dynamic professionals who passed out from a world renowned universities like Boston, Oxford, Illinois etc…. and worked with eminent organizations like Google, Citibank, TCS, Infosys, started this venture with a mission to provide holistic knowledge to students wish to pursue higher education in a foreign country, where English is the first language. To train the students with the type of English acceptable in the foreign countries, they came out with the idea of Mnemonic Education.


What is PTE?

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. This test was designed to assess the reading, writing, speaking and listening capabilities of a student, in English, who is coming from a non-native English background.

It is a computer-based test which checks all four areas of English language. We all have to understand that written English is very different from the spoken English. So to bridge the gap between these two forms of English, it’s must appear for PTE.

Don’t waste your time, open your laptop, register yourself online and choose a schedule of your convenience. We are here to help you in the best possible way.

For more information about PTE Coaching in Delhi NCR visit

Abroad Study Consultants- A Guide and Philospher

Parents who are about to send their child to abroad for further studies, has to get themselves motivated and positive, as it’s not an easy task for them. Educational consultants can help them a great deal in overcoming this anxiety about their child.


Who are abroad education consultant people?

One of the most crucial things is to give the right advice to others. An education consultant is one such place where they give right match between student and colleges/universities abroad. They will even guide you with the right country for you to study abroad. There is a wide range of options available for further studies in abroad, which one is best suited for your personal and academic requirements. Read More…

SAT training classes- An expert guidance

Preparing for some competitive exams have not been an easy task at all. And SAT exam is an international level test. So scoring well in the exams is definitely a challenge. So here are some tips which will definitely help you out.

What is SAT?

 It is an abbreviation to Scholastic Aptitude Test.  It is a general test to check your verbal and quantitative reasoning power accepted by U.S. colleges for admission in undergraduate programs. It includes two sets of tests – SAT-I & SAT-II.

SAT-I: Reasoning Test

It is a three-hour test to check your verbal and mathematical reasoning, multiple-choice questions, that develop over-time. Read More…