Achieve your dream of studying abroad with professional education consultants

India has been making a high growth in the education sector since independence. It is recognized  all across the world for giving the best possible talent in the field of technology, chemistry, engineering, medicines, astronomy,  economics and various other fields.  In the past few years, it has also turned into a country that is sending numerous students to study in foreign countries every year. There are several reasons of growing demand of study overseas among students.

Some of the main reasons are:

  1. To get brighter career prospects.
  2. To learn about new languages, adopt a new lifestyle and enhancing their problem solving skill.
  3. Make a global network of social contacts.
  4.  To be an all rounder.
  5.  To become self-independent and improve their interpersonal skills
  6. And much more…

There are many foreign universities available today that offers a variety of degree, diploma and certificate courses  in the field of engineering, marketing, business, law, science, art, hospitality, designing and  information technology. Getting degree from reputable institutions and universities can ensure that the candidate’s CV (curriculum vitae) gets noticed in the corporate world. So, selection of the right university and course is very important to make a brightening career. Read More…

Approach professional education consultant to choose the right study abroad program

The term “study abroad” refers to options available in international education to students who want to pursue education in colleges and universities located in other parts of the world.  Study abroad programs have the primary advantage of enabling students to develop an international attitude, great thinking ability and global perspective. Besides this, these courses also provide an excellent opportunity to come into close contact with a completely different culture, learn foreign language, adopt different lifestyle, and develop self confidence and being independent in life.

A number of Indian students these days prefer to join study abroad programs in order to get a lucrative job opportunity in their specific field. With so many courses introduced in various streams, the need of taking guidance of education consultants has drastically increased in the recent years. The education consultants provide information about the country where the students want to pursue their studies, universities and courses they want to join.

The consulting firms have also a team of expert counselors to guide students unable to decide which university and particular courses they should opt.  The professional consultant gives proper time to every student to understand their abilities and dream, and come with options that helps in building excellent career path.  They provide comprehensive information about the location, university, course detail and fees so that you can choose the best academic program. Read More…

Find Out Details of Documents for Foreign Admission

Are you planning to apply for admission in foreign location? Want to go somewhere like London, New York, Sydney, Ireland or Deutschland? No need to think whether you will be able to make into the college or not, just select the best global education consultancy in Delhi. A good global consultancy for education and admission can be your guide into selection of the best college. The global consultancy provides education consultants, who are will in turn make available reliable information about the mission admission.

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From the guiding tips for selecting the best college to the selection of the best course available with maximum exposure of career, they can be with you in every decision. The consultants are capable of helping out every student regardless of their field of interest or the country where they wish to be for the next couple of years. Moreover, the students, who are not capable of having proper details of the documents required to be submitted for the admission procedure, such consultants are the helping hand.

You can contact them; find out the proper details of every document required by the college for assessing your application for the admission procedure or the financial help given to students. How the documents are needed and by when they should be submitted, every minor information is essential for foreign admission. Colleges are very strict with the process, so make sure to avoid even small mistakes. Put all the required documents well before applying for the admission by hiring good consultant.

Higher Education Constants in Delhi

Looking for better prospects in life ahead? Want to make the most of opportunities life has in store for you? Look for for they are the experts in facilitating the best of services when it comes to your higher education broad. Simply ask their experts about what you aspire to proceed in life and then certainly get going with the best of options they have in store for one and all. They are amongst the most renowned global education consultancy in Delhi and getting associated with them can actually pay you off well. Know what is right or may be wrong for you and make the required informed choices in life to stay ahead of time.

mnedu1 Services to look for 

If you choose to go for their high-end services then their experts won’t disappoint you in any case. Here’s what you can wholeheartedly except of experts to do for you as mention:

  • Absolutely free expert admission counseling services
  • Proper assistance in helping you decide country & course of study
  • Special coaching classes for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT & PTE
  • Proper guidance for completion of application process & documents required
  • Proper assistance in developing SOP, LORs & Essay
  • Expert visa counseling services
  • Vocab Gym – pictorial method that is used for proper vocabulary building
  • Pre – departure briefing sessions

Look for them online and make the most of what they offer for students who aspire to make it big in life as experts are always there to assist in whatever that comes in your way through the entire process with ease.



How to Easily Study Abroad?

Are you on a proper lookout for a reliable institution to carry your studies abroad?  Want to make the most of all the opportunities that comes your way as you’ve dreamt to go a long way in life? Want to pursue your studies abroad but rather get confused with what is the right way to carry the things further? Are you looking for better opportunities in life and can make the most of your talent house at work? Look for expert global education consultancy in Delhi in order to find just the right solution when it comes to the best in business experts who deem to offer simply surpassing services to one and all.

For Outshining Career Abroad    

Look for a facility you can swear by for their quality and that is the same scene with They actually are amongst the best for their quality guidance and supervision expertise, look for their services as they are simply the best one can get. They have actually introduced a new level of expertise keeping the standard of schools, students; universities and your requirements in mind. Simply approach them and they’ll interview your kids for their aspirations and various other things in order to offer just the right services to one and all.

Reliable Advisors in Case of Crisis

They started as ‘advisors’ and with years of expertise and experience, they started guiding and assisting students with their needs and wants to their level best. Make the most of their expertise for experts have the power to help you grow, aspire, dream and help you make plans for your bright future.

From Where You Can Get Reliable Information for Abroad Study

Are you looking forward to have admission in the foreign country but unable to decide between the countries or the college of your interest? Finding it difficult to look for a reliable source of information for the details of colleges and finances? It is a common thing with every student in search of a great college for further education in a foreign country. They are more or less clueless about the condition of the college, availability of the courses, professions related to it and even the suitable places to live in a foreign country. Given the distance between each college and cost of travel, it is not possible for him or her to go to the length for a college tour before finalizing the admission choice.

If you are facing the similar situation, you can acquire help from the global education consultancy in Delhi. The education consultancies try to gather information about the college, and course from different sources and put it together for helping the students. These consultancies do not cater any kind of false information; therefore, you can trust them for everything genuine. They will first make sure that all the details about the college, the universities are real, and then only it will be passed on to the students.

Apart from this, the abroad study consultant in Delhi can also guide you in your search for the perfect college with his critique eye. If you have any query, any doubt or any concern about the admission, college selection, financial planning and admission test, they can guide you with their knowledge and experience.

Prepare List of Personality Questions for College Interviews

Education ConsaltantDuring a college interview, learning more about your personality and self is the main criteria of the college. They want to know if you are good enough for their college or not. Will you be able to adjust with surroundings, ambience and culture of the college or not. A large number of students apply to the foreign colleges every year, but only a couple of them succeed in getting admission. Apart from the performance in the examination, arrangement of finances, documents, interviews taken for the admission are the major criteria deciding about your candidature.

In case you are unaware of the procedure of the college interview, you must contact a reliable global education consultancy in Delhi like Mnemonic. They specializes in helping students with the interview preparation as well as arranging for the documents, visa and other formalities required for the admission procedure. If a student is in need of any of these, he can easily contact them and acquire their help.

While preparing for the interview, you must concentrate on personality-based questions. Do not try to show off with your personality by adding fake qualities. It will become very difficult in maintaining confidence in front of the interviewer. Keep it as natural as possible during the interview.

Apart from this, they are one of the best abroad study consultants in Delhi. They guide the students in their search of best foreign college. If you are confused about the country, course or college for your further study, Mnemonic can help you in it.

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