How to prepare for the SAT test?

Nowadays, getting admission in a good and reputable college for higher studies is not as easy as earlier. Universities and colleges look several criteria  to determine whether the student is capable to pursue the specific course or not. Some of the common criteria include high school grades, SAT score or ACT score and the number of extracurricular activities while  in high schools. Having a good  score is very important, especially for those students who want to pursue higher studies in foreign colleges and universities. One needs to make proper planning and make preparation of the  test to perform better on the test.

Read on to learn about  few techniques through which you can enhance your performance in the test.

Solve practice paper

Solving  previous year question papers help students  to get an idea about the types  of question  asked in the test.  This helps students in making plans for preparation and score good in the test.  The more question papers you solve, the more you prepare for the exam. Read More…


SAT training classes- An expert guidance

Preparing for some competitive exams have not been an easy task at all. And SAT exam is an international level test. So scoring well in the exams is definitely a challenge. So here are some tips which will definitely help you out.

What is SAT?

 It is an abbreviation to Scholastic Aptitude Test.  It is a general test to check your verbal and quantitative reasoning power accepted by U.S. colleges for admission in undergraduate programs. It includes two sets of tests – SAT-I & SAT-II.

SAT-I: Reasoning Test

It is a three-hour test to check your verbal and mathematical reasoning, multiple-choice questions, that develop over-time. Read More…